EmpowerHER: 7 Ways to Support and Lift Women Higher

“People who are truly strong lift others up. People who are truly powerful bring others together.”

Michelle Obama

March was Women’s History Month—a time to honor women in history, inform the present and inspire future generations. While March marked the national celebration of women, I believe it is our job as women to empower, uplift, encourage, motivate and support women higher every day. We must commit to serving each other in order to fulfill our purpose and make this world a better place. Your sister needs you and below are 7 ways you can support and lift your sister higher:

Pictured with Houston style blogger: @aroundthewaygyrl
Photographer: @sweenshots

1. Show up for her, physically and emotionally

Your sister needs to know that you are there for her and that you care for her. Sometimes the only person that can relate to you is your sister because she has been through what you are going through and/or understands you. She needs your support and to know that you have her back no matter what. Ask her if you can help her with something or be of service to her in any way. Whether it’s stopping by her house to check on her, or showing up at her event, let her know that you care! If she is going through a rough patch, lend a shoulder for her to lean, pray for her or send her words of encouragement. Lastly, celebrate her accomplishments and victories along with her! She may need the reinforcement and reassurance to keep going.

2. Collaborate, don’t compete

This one is simple. We are a movement by ourselves, but we are a force when we’re together! There’s power in numbers and we can work wonders if we collaborate and build together. The goal should be to build each other up instead of tearing each other down or competing against one another. Let go of the selfish “mine, mine, mine” mentality. There is enough out here for all of us to eat. We can build so much more together than we ever will apart.

3. Create a safe space for women to use their voice

Let’s open up! We need to create more safe spaces for women to come together and openly share their experiences, struggles and triumphs. Likely your sister is going through the same thing you are and she needs your support too. And if she hasn’t, it is highly likely that your story will inspire you in some way or shed some wisdom on you or give hope. It’s our stories that give us access and connection to each other.It’s uplifting and encouraging when you know you are not alone in your journey and the only way we know that is by sharing our stories with one another. Let’s continue having conferences, brunches, dinners, talks, girl’s night, interviews and other spaces for women to thrive.

4. Speak to who she is at her core

Society tells us to focus more on external beauty rather than who we are on the inside. We continue that narrative with projection of physical beauty and validation toward each other. No, I am not saying not to compliment women for being beautiful. Please continue to keep that energy going! However, let her know that you value other attributes about her as well! What about her generosity, kindness, humility and integrity? What about the way she gives back to her local community? Speak to who she is at her core. Remember: The most attractive thing about you should have less to do with your face and body and more to do with your heart and how you treat people.

5. Support her new pursuits or life transitions

If she is starting a new business, support it by telling others about her business or purchasing her new product or service! If she has a new baby, visit her and take her food! And if she’s moving into a new apartment or home, ask if you can help her move! Sometimes we need that extra push and encouragement to know that our sister has our back through life’s transitions. It gives a sense of security knowing that someone is supporting us along the way.

6. Create authentic relationships and friendships with each other

This one is huge! How often do you go to events, meetups or conferences and other women size you up before you even open your mouth? They either don’t want to speak to you because you don’t “appear” to be important or they run to you because they feel that you can take them to the next level. Listen, we need to forge genuine relationships with everyone! Let’s give everyone the same energy, time and attention. Trust me, you never know who you will need one day and you could miss out on a great relationship or network by putting up a wall.

7. Open doors for the women coming behind you

Lastly, let’s continue to create opportunities for the women that are coming behind us. Hire women, inspire women, uplift women, give back to women, mentor women and teach women things that you have learned. Be the person that you had or wished you had when you were in that same position. Sew the seeds that others have sewn into your life.

Let’s continue celebrating each other beyond Women’s History Month, beyond #WomanCrushWednesday, and beyond the exterior. We are all powerful in our own right and it is time to unleash that power within us and within each other! What is one way you can commit to uplifting women in the coming days, weeks or months? I want to hear from you!

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Hello Spring: 5 Must-Haves for your Spring Wardrobe

“No matter how long winter lasts, spring is sure to follow.” – Proverb

Spring is finally here! Time to hang up the winter-wear and prepare for perfect weather! From stylish watches to wooden bags, florals to tassels, I am so excited to dive into spring fashion! Here are some of the go-to items you need for this season’s look!

1. JORD watch

I am so excited to add this fabulous wooden watch from JORD to my spring look! Their watches are like none other and I haven’t seen anything like them yet! They’re known for making unique, wooden watches with minimalist designs that are stylish and fashionable. I have the Frankie series in Zebrawood and Navy and I am in love with the versatile, chic color combination. The navy definitely gives that pop of color that I love and I can wear this watch day or night. I love it! Because I love them so much, I’ve partnered with them to host a giveaway (see end of post for details)!

2. Wooden bag

Yes, it’s the wooden “it bag” of the season and I see why—this bag speaks for itself! It’s sure to freshen up your spring fashion effortlessly. It is also the perfect bag to compliment your vacation-wear for the summer! You can find this bag at Amazon.com.

3.White Bottoms

White bottoms are hot right now! White jeans, shorts, or skirts are all perfect for a casual, comfy look. In the photo, I am wearing white linen shorts from Forever 21.

4. Floral prints

What’s spring without floral? Exactly! Floral prints are always on trend for spring fashion. I purchased this cute floral top from Forever 21 last season and I love that I can wear it with just about anything. I paired it with white shorts in the photo, but I also plan to wear it with high-waist denim jeans as well. Tie-up your tops to add shape like I did in the photo.

5. Tassel earrings

I am kind of obsessed with tassel earrings, especially these from Lucky Brand! This pair goes with pretty much any look and I tend to get a lot of wear out of them already. I also have other pairs in different colors like red, mustard yellow and even pastels. Tassel earrings are definitely on trend right now and I’m a huge fan of fun, statement earrings. I want even more colors!

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